We are open: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

All dive excursions start in Penida from either of REEFLEX DIVER’s locations:

Jl. Raya Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida 80771, Bali, Indonesia

Jl. Raya Toyapakeh – Ped, Nusa Penida, Bali 80771, Indonesia


Meet Reeflex Divers‘ team. The diving staff cumulates tens of thousands of dives and several hundreds certifications while our other team members are blessed with the invaluable qualities that makes diving with us such an amazing experience.


Welcome to Reeflex Divers the brain child and dive dream come true of it’s founders Roman, Harry & Dodi (A Franco-Anglo-Indonesian dream team).

Our friendship and collaboration started a little over three years ago while working as dive instructors on the crowded Island of Nusa Lembongan south of Bali, Indonesia.

We immediately realised that we shared the same work ethics and concerns about the recent development of what some refer to as “the dive industry”.

Regularly visiting the less developed neighbouring island of Nusa Penida, we quickly agreed that its untapped potential & the beauty of its marine park would be the perfect setting for our dive motto: Just breathe, it comes naturally!

Reeflex Divers is located near Crystal Bay a site renowned for its beauty, the regular presence of Mola Molas and for being only minutes away from Manta bay! This location allows us to dive from the shore and outside of dive sites’ rush hours.

We focus on delivering a high-end, personalised dive service while placing environmental protection at the heart of the Reeflex dive experience.


For the environment, because:

  • Our infrastructure is built with locally sourced materials and work force to minimize environmental impact and boost local economy.
  • Our architecture allows for minimal power consumption thanks to natural lighting and ventilation and will accommodate a solar power alternative (i.e. we already use low voltage electric appliances such as LED lighting).
  • We are building the only natural dive training pool south of Bali, thus eliminating commonly used toxic chemicals by utilising plant based water treatment (you can help check our crowdfunding campaign)
  • We collect rainwater & filter our grey water for equipment cleaning, toilets flushing and gardening, limiting water waste.
  • We ban “single use plastics” & reduce other plastic use to a minimum.
  • We offer cheap drinking water refills and can be found through the refill my bottle app.
  • We up-cycle waste plastics with the help of a local community project that deals intelligently with trash.
  • We initiate & partake in long-term environmental schemes such as beach cleaning sessions, educational programs and conferences.
The list will go on as Reeflex Divers commits to a continuous R&D program to further reduce the impact of our activities and set a positive example of what can be done for the island we love!

For divers, because:

For our staff & Nusa Penida, because:

  • Our staff is offered above average wages as we believe their well-being is paramount to their delivering quality services and that’s priceless!
  • We provide a full range of employee loyalty benefits, training & evolution opportunities to build a strong and dedicated team.
  • We give priority to the local workforce for job opportunities to boost the island’s economy.
  • 2% of our profits are reinvested locally into green initiatives, sustainable business development and social events.